They were falling in love; They knew they shouldn’t.
Both wanted to stop.. Both knew they couldn’t.
Scared of falling apart, they promised they wouldn’t..
They promised..
Don’t promise when you shouldn’t.

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They are not human, they’re savages,

Those who pick up that knife or that gun.

They are not human, they’re savages,

And they have to suffer for what they have done.

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Calm down

Take a long, deep breath –
You wouldn’t want to do anything rash.
It’s always better to think things through,
Than hurry and, in your negligence, crash.
Stop your fist on its way out,
Or perhaps don’t even lift it at all.
In such situations it’s never good to fight;
You can run, on wait for someone and stall.
So what if you get called a coward?
You’ve been called worse things before.
Don’t ruin your future over one cheap shot.
Your road is waiting, don’t close the door.
You give them attention and ignore my pleas.
Don’t I deserve your respect, too?
I suppose you consider me a fool for
All those times I believed in you.
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Grammar school troubles

I’ve recently started high school.
All’s good, but something breaks my heart.
Instead of drawing, writing, singing; Continue reading
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I wish that would never happen again

“Ouch!” Carter winces at Irene’s touch.

“Stop moving!” she replies sternly, without stopping.


Her mind wanders off as she washes the cloth in her hands. She was scared to death when he came. She was sleeping when she heard a noise. Still half asleep, Irene threw her covers off, escaped the warm hug of her sheets and stumbled up to the window, where the noise seemed to be coming from. She finally opened her eyes fully when a pebble hit the glass right in front of her face. Continue reading

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I’m having trouble starting. And finishing. And fleshing it out.

It’s not that I have writer’s block. I know what I want to say. The words are in my head, I just can’t will them to come out. Usually they flow out, ready to be charted down. My hands start hurting after a while of flying over the paper. And I don’t even have to check; my words are always flawless, always irresistible. They’re light and funny and effortless. So why is it so hard for me right now to look you in the eye and tell you I love you?

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The reason

Can you give me one reason? Just one. That’s all it takes to sway me to stay. You can’t. You can see that this is what’s best for me, even at the cost of your own happiness. And that’s a reason that doesn’t even need voicing. So I’ll stay. Because the reason is you. The reason is you love me. The reason is I love you. That’s the reason.

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